Q&A With Jesse Greenberg

1: Can you tell me about your background?
Grew up in New Jersey, And sincerely feel my experience as a child being driven around in a car through Jersey’s sprawling landscapes inspired me. Both my parents went to Pratt, My dad for Architecture, and my mom for printmaking. My sister is a performance/ musician/ comedian/videographer.

2: How did you decide to use Bee Bee Guns ?
I use Bee Bees, because I love them as pure non-descript little orbs, like atoms, molecules or just simple building blocks as if they are the egg or seed of somethings origin.

3: What is the Idea / concept behind your art?
Something about design and how that rules our bodily experience. Finding viscerality in our relationship with technology and ultimately social relations with one another.

4: What is the Worst/Best thing about being an artist?
Life, work, and art are pretty much the same thing, which usually is great, but also is distracting.

5: Collectors – Gallerist – ”art investors” – Good, bad or ………?
I believe art brings the future closer. And whatever route is available for art to find eyeballs to view it, fund it, and advertise then the more avenues the better.

6: What would you ask an artist in a Q&A and Who ?
I kind of just wonder if any artist genuinely believes that their intentions actually match their audiences reading of it, and then I would challenge if it matters. No artist in particular.

Jesse Greenberg at Gallery Loyal >>>

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