Q&A – Questions for Luca Vitone

Q: Tell me about your background?

My background comes from a family that is interested in arts and culture.

Q: Do you remember the first artwork you made, and can you tell me about it?

When I was 10 years old I made my first artwork, it was a painting on canvas of a still-life of flower in a vase.
The first artwork that I show was a small cardboard box covered by geographical maps with a handle outside and volcano stone and a porcelain rose inside.

Q: Was there a particular moment or event where you decided to become an artist?

I was very young, I saw a Joseph Cornell exhibition in Florence.
That day I understood that I was interested in the visual arts, but just years after I decided to involve myself into it, after the invitation of a private gallery that asked me to work with them.

Q: What influences you?

I am influenced by the world proceeding.

Q: The Idea/concept surrounding your work, can you tell us more?

I am interested to experiment the way how to show an idea in the art ambit.
The role of the human being in the society related with a place and the influence of power between individuals.

Q: Can you tell me more about the process in your works?

The process is different for every project.

Q: The Works where you collect Dirt and Dust and then “paint” with it, How did that come to life ?

Also here depends from the project, when i use the dust. I use the dust as a pigment for watercolour.
If I use effects of weathering i will leave the landscape that makes his own portrait.

12-Luca-Vitone-Per-leternità-Pinksummer-2013 Luca Vitone_4

Q: What is most important to you regarding your work?

The research.

Q: Can you tell me more about your routines and rituals in your daily practice?

I would like to have more rituals and more time for my readings.
Travels, computers and relationships always distract me.

Q: Can you let us in on some of the future projects, works?

They are still in progress.

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