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The works, the process and the final outcome evokes for me a very special feeling. Anja´s works might seem equal and similar to what we have all seen the latest 2-3 years from many other well known artists. But she has been making these works long time before, we have become familiar them.


Q&A – Anja Schwoerer >>

Q: Can you tell me about your background? And what was the first artwork you made?

I became interested in art rather late, at least, I didn’t grow up with it around me. Of course, at school I liked the art lessons best, and was very ambitious. I believe that my art teacher and my friends at the time got me interested in, and enthusiastic about, art. We drew pictures, made screen prints, and sculpted heads from plaster.

Later, as I got to know practising artists, I was impressed and excited by their way of thinking and how they lived their lives. It opened up a new world for me, one that I didn’t know of from my upbringing. I wanted to live and think and work as these artists did.

Q: What is more important to you:  The Process. The final visual outcome. The material? Or something else?

The materials, the process, and the result, are all actually equally important. The materials I use influence the result, and without the process of dyeing, bleaching, knotting and untying, I wouldn’t get the same result. One thing determines, and leads into, the other.

Q: The process of your works, the different bodies of works and the progression over time, can you tell us more about that ?

The textiles used are the basis of the various bodies of work. When I discover a new textile, I explore the way it reacts to being bleached, how it absorbs (or not) the dyes, the nature of it’s woven structure etc. Thus, the material influences the look of the finished work. I often get ideas through experimenting with the physical properties of the various textiles. The different, often contrary and complex, steps in this process are decisive for my work.

Q: Also the deying / deleting colour from textiles, how did that happen?

I started dyeing textiles when I was still in art school. I was working with so-called ”non-art” materials, hobby stuff really. Various tapes, stickers, puzzles. And then I discovered batik and tye-dyeing. I liked how directly and easily I could create a wonderful colour-gradation or amorphous shapes, forming an abstract image. And while I was not always happy with the results, I began to bleach areas to modify the shapes or to lighten the colours/tones.

Q: What influences you?

Life in general…, travelling, textiles, fashion, music

Q: Some people have the opinion that all contemporary art looks the same these days… Care to comment ?

I don’t think it does, I see a great variety in contemporary art. Sure, there are trends and hypes that influence some artists, but doesn’t every era have it’s own look? In retrospect, you can say that each decade has had it’s own style.

Q: You are based in Berlin, has that influenced the way you work, If so How ?

I don’t think that Berlin as such has influenced my work, I think I could have created it in any city in the world. But Berlin was important for the start of my artistic career. The studios were affordable, there were and still are many friends and colleagues here with whom one can debate and discuss art, there is a lively Offspace scene…I love Berlin!

Q: Can you let us in on some of the future projects, works?

When it’s summer again, I definitely want to develop my series of Sunprints.

Link to Opening – London – Oct 14 at Vigo Gallery

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762wk_img1Anja Svhwoerer 1anja 2BP_1414, bleach on cotton, 94x70cm, 2014BP_0613, bleach on fabric, 60x44 cm, 2013 BP_0413, bleach on fabric, 150x110cm, 2013 BP_1312, bleach on fabric,145x110cm, 2012 BP_0913, bleach on denim, 170x125cm, 2013 Anja Schwörer_3 Anja Schwörer_2 Anja Schwörer_1ANJA Schwoerer Anja Schwoerer Anja Schwoerer BP_1411-bleached-denim--100x73cm--2011-copy_905

Group Show  –  Anja Schworer – London 2014

Link to Artist Page – Anja Schwörer


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