Ethan Cook – Landon Metz – Thomas Øvlisen at V1 Gallery

 – One of the most awaited group shows in Copenhagen at V1-Gallery  with Ethan Cook, Landon Metz and Thomas Øvlisen.

OPENING: FRIDAY NOVEMBER 29. 2013. TIME: 17.00 – 22.00

Grazing Blitz by Thomas Øvlisen, Shake Shack Guggenheim by Ethan Cook & Landon Metz and Doesn’t Even Matter by Wes Noble – Friday November 29th 17.00 – 22.00

Ethan_1 Ethan_2 Ethan_3 Ethan_installation Ethan_installation2 Ethan_Small joining hands Landon_1 Landon_2 Landon_3 Landon_4 Landon_6 Landon_7 Landon_Installation Landon_Installation2 Øvlisen_2 Øvlisen_3 Øvlisen_5

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