Ryan Estep

“With a systematic set of rules and premeditated actions, Estep follows a ritual of sorts, starting with the creation of a monochromatic surface in the tradition of post-minimalism, and finishing the process with the addition of gestural marks. The marks are usually the result of an intentional accident, following an action planned by the artist and at times affected by his experimentation with unconventional materials. “


“Works are created by mixing equal parts charcoal and drywall mud.  This mixture is then used to patch the walls of the studio, sanded down and then collected as a powder form.  It is then applied through a silkscreen into benday dots. “


The work above are the collected loss of sanding the charcoal drywall mixture.  The silica sand is sifted from the drywall charcoal powder and applied using the same technique. 18.STERILIZED DIRT-4 PANEL

“Dirt is taken, mixed with an organic disinfectant and heated to 600 degrees.  This sterile material is then silkscreened onto canvas and re-stretched while wet. “51.TG-INSTALL 1


The Ryan Estep – Re-stretched series 1-4

Ryan Estep Re stretched Ryan Estep RE-STRETCH 4 Ryan Estep RE-STRETCH-DETAIL 2 Ryan Estep Restrech

Link to artist page at Thierry-Goldberg – Thierry-Goldberg Gallery

Artist page – ryanestep.com 

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