Sam Moyer – Blanket Works 

When considering works by Sam Moyer, one typically thinks of her works from 2010 and up to 2013. 

There are how ever some works from the period 2008-2009 that are also very interesting.  

Sam started making the moving blanket works in 2008 and has continued revisiting the material throughout the Greater New York Show and after. She showed a really gritty blanket triptych at PS1. 

They follow the same structure as the bleached canvas works and instinctually follow the line with a clear horizon/cropping, folding, and also referencing the tradition of the readymade and the monochrome.

The scale and pattern of the blankets also relate to Sam’s love of Agnes Martin’s paintings and the play of pattern that emerges in these readymade forms. 

Gallery > Rachel Uffner Gallery

SM-112-PTG SM-114-PTG SM-55-PTG (detail) Sam Moyer-51

Sam Moyers Blanket works been shown at Sculpture Center and PS1 in New York. 

Sam Moyer 1 Sam-Moyer-Installation-View-2 SM-55-PTG (install)

Between Spaces, PS1 – October 25, 2009-April 5, 2010

Material Occupation, University Art Museum, University at Albany – February 7 – April 7, 2012 

Gallery > Rachel Uffner Gallery

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