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Tove Storch1: Can you tell me about your background? And what was the first artwork you made?

I drew as a child, on everything, all the time. As I grew older it slowly changed into something you could call making art. I remember the first thing I did where I realized, there was some kind of dialouge going on with what has been done and what could be done wihtin art and that I could take part in it. It was something with a net on a wireframe dipped in paint…

2: What is more important to you regarding your work: The Process. The final visual outcome. The material? Or something else?

How it all comes together; the material gathered in a certain way that it becomes a work, with a life on its own.

3: The progression from the Shadow Works on paper, towards the works made by Silk and Stainless steel, can you tell more about them and what made you go in that direction?

The shadow works where dealing with ideas of how to change two-dimensional material into three-dimentional objects. The steel-constructions with silk stretched on or within them somehow still deals with that thought, because the steel has the role of making construction points that something else can attatch itself to, to become volumous in space. I dont think it was a dicision to go in a certain direction, one works leads to the next and I slowly change my subject.

4: What influences you?

I think working with art influences me. I learn both about the history of art, the challenge of material and basic physical laws by making something, even if its just two pieces of wood put together. I find that very inspirering, and it is very interesting to recognice big issues in art in gereal in this very practical way, I mean “problems” others have had, that have been solved in different ways, and sometimes has turned into classic themes.

5: Some people have the opinion that all contemporary art looks the same these days… Care to comment ?

Doesn´t everything look the same if you look at it from a distance?

6: Can you let us in on some of the future projects, works?

I will be going to Brasil in November where I will produce a total installation in a space with shelfes made of silk.

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