Jens Einhorn 

Jens Einhorn was born in Leisnig, former east Germany, in 1980 and currently lives and works in Düsseldorf. He is master student of Tal R and will graduate from Düsseldorf Art Academy in summer 2014.
“I am strongly influenced by the subculture of the 90s in former GDR, shaped by all its sociopolitical upheavals. I played in punk bands and witnesses the rising of grunge. The roughness of that music, also noticeable in fashion and lifestyle, has actually been an expression of sensible perception besides the mainstream culture. The symbols and codes from that period are taken over by the mainstream nowadays and I am highly interested in arranging them in different contexts. Furthermore I’m driven by the music itself, including rhythm and character of the songs in my paintings.
Adding a patch in an abstract painting like „monster magnet“ f.e. brings the work into line with the culture I mentioned and draws winking analogies. The texture of my works is often object-like, I collage multilayers made of different canvas and fabric pieces. In the working process I partly cut them out or rip them off again, just their pale traces will remind of their short appearances. In my idea the painting never ends at its frame, it goes abroad with all its fractions which are dissolving again. Each fragment is created by me in altering working processes, like bleaching, colouring or adding traces of my surrounding. The ease of painting gestures, combined with those single adapted pieces tries to question the conventional means of painting. You’ll rather find fragmentation and alteration, than completion and steadiness in my work.
Jens Einhorn Monster
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Jens Einhorn concrete 200x150 Jens Einhorn RAW 190x140.II Jens Einhorn
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