Anja Schwörer – Berlin Based Artist

Anja Schwörer has in many ways been an inspiration and source of reference for many of the “younger” artist today. Anja´s process is quite interesting, and visually her works are just above amazing.

Utilizing bleach as her medium, similar to how light is used in a photographic process, the images are burned into the canvas while allowing the bleach to yield fluctuations of color, shifting spatial tensions and variant values of positive and negative space. 

Through navigating a shifting ground between chance and necessity Schwörer’s canvases offer a disjunction between the raw deconstruction of their materials and the splendor of their imagery.

Link to Solo show Jan 2014 – Gallery Hammelehle

Link to Artist Page – >>> Anja Schwoerer

Anja Schwörer_1 Anja Schwörer_2Anja Schwörer_3Anja Schwoerer Anja Schwörer BP_1312, bleach on fabric,145x110cm, 2012 Anja Schwörer, FP_0113, Denim, 163x122cm, 2013DAnja Schwörer, BP_0413, bleach on fabric, 150x110cm, 2013 Anja Schwörer, BP_0613, bleach on fabric, 60x44 cm, 2013Anja Schwoerer BP_1411-bleached-denim--100x73cm--2011-copy_905

Berlin-based artist Anja Schwörer

Anja Schwörer attended the National Academy of the Academy of Fine Arts in Karlsruhe, Germany and has shown extensively throughout Europe including exhibitions at Andersen’s Contemporary, Copenhagen; White Flag Projects, St. Louis; Gallery Hammelehle and Ahrens, Cologne; Andreas Huber, Vienna.

She has also been included in several installments of Cave Painting, a multi-part exhibition by curator Bob Nickas.

Additionally, she is featured in Nickas’s ‘Painting Abstraction,’ published by Phaidon. Schwörer lives and works in Berlin.

Links to Books / Text : New Elements in Abstract Painting – Bob Nickas

Link to : Suckstract

Link to Andersen´s Gallery


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