Andre Butzer – Upcoming Show – New York 2013

At Metro Pictures, Chelsea – New York, NY, USA , October 12, 2013

“The new N Bilder paintings by André Butzer are chromatic horizontal and vertical variations of one another, with nuances subtly differentiated by obfuscated color gradations. Each painting is an ornamental matrix, a materialized picture screen with apertures. They further his investigation of pure color and light begun in the N-Bild series of the past few years. “N” is Butzer lexicon; “N” is binary, a non-denominational marker signifying a phenomenological presence. “N” is a Zen koan both empty and active at the same time. “N” is a pietà, the vertical bar upholds the weight of the horizontal one as a body. “N” is an elusive state of being, a contrariness whereby the maximum amount of expansive space is conveyed with the least amount of visual information. Embedded within these planar forms are the intense color spectrums found in the bustling color palette of his previous output. On the surface, the mercurial egg tempera pigment has been worked up into a highly refined emulsion. The paintings tonality offer a calm antidote to the cliché’s of expressionist angst and are free of representational limitations. All of the well-known cartoonish Butzer signifiers are now dissolved, yielding into a zone of stability and a state of grace.”

Text from Patricia Low Gallery

Link to Artist Page

Link to more pictures of N Bilder by Andre Butzer

andre butzer 2 butzer andre andre butzer view



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