Q&A with Alex Da Corte

1: Can you tell me about your background? And what was the first artwork you made ?

I was born in Camden, New Jersey and grew up in Caracas, Venezuela. I studied animation in college. The first artwork I made in college was a birthday cake made of plaster.

2: What is more important to you regarding your work: The Process. The final visual outcome. The material ? Or something else ?

Well the process of making and thinking is why I do what I do. This is a slow and very tangled tapestry that we are unravelling or amending, and as long as there are holes in it then the work is right where it should be and will continue to be needed. I don’t think there is such a thing as a final visual outcome.

3: The idea / concept behind your art – Can you tell me more about it ?

The work and the words ascribed to my work are always shifting and morphing.
Id like to think that the work points to those divisions and shifts in perception, the residue of experience, the inability to translate or articulate, and proposes new ideas for how objects and people can coexist- or not…

4: What is the Worst thing about being an artist?

Its a fine job.

5: I have a feeling there must be so many personal stories linked to your works, The scarfs in the show in Copenhagen – Can you tell me more about it ?

There are many stories linked to the objects i use, and the ones we find in the street- the scarves have a special place in my heart- and what they reveal about ones lifestyle is why i cared to use them in the first place.

6: What would you ask an artist in a Q&A and Who ?

Excuse me, Mister Duchamp, can i have your shoe?


Solo show at David Risley Gallery  – Copenhagen

alex da corte4 alex da corte3 alex da corte2 alex da corte alex da corte 1


Solo show right now at Carl Kostyal – Stockholm


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