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Peter Ibsen Top 10 Art Collectors to Follow on Instagram… – Art Map London

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20 – Peter Ibsen, Denmark

Who: Blogger
What to expect: Interior shots of his office or home with installation images of how his artworks are laid out. Many paintings by André Butzer are to be found.
Popular hashtags: #andrebutzer
Tag name: @pibsen

Top 50 Art Collector Instagrams Part I | Larry’s List – Art Collector Interviews and Art Collector

Larrys List Top50 Art Collector Instagrams

Copenhagen based contemporary art collector, Peter Ibsen, shares his love for all things monochrome with IC. Read about what sparked his passion for black and white (and the grey in between) below.

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Peter Ibsen


Bloomberg on Instagram and Art

As he looked through Instagram at home in Copenhagen, Peter Ibsen noticed paintings by French artist Baptiste Caccia that were bound for an art fair in Brussels.

“I wrote something like ‘very nice’ on the feed, and 10 minutes later his gallery called me,” Ibsen said. Thirty minutes later, he bought the painting.

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7 Ways to Win Over Collectors on Instagram By Elena Soboleva  7-ways-to-win-over-collectors-on-instagram

7 Ways to Win Over Collectors on Instagram



Drop gallerierne – Instagram er nutidens kunstmarked

– Instagram er ikke en online-shopping-portal. Der er ikke en ’klik her og køb’-knap. Man ser noget, man finder interessant, og så tager man dialogen op derfra. Dialogen indledes bare på Instagram, siger Peter Ibsen.

Drop gallerierne – Instagram er nutidens kunstmarked | Kultur | DR

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En nybegynders guide: Sådan kommer du i gang med at købe kunst

Gallerier er ikke farlige

PI: ”Mange er bange for at gå på galleri. I starten var jeg da også dødsensangst for at gå ind ad døren og stille dumme spørgsmål. Man tænker: puuuha, de der piger står bare og kigger på én, det er sgu da pinligt. Og så skal man også gå ud ad døren uden at købe noget. Men det er ikke pinligt.

Gallerierne vil gerne have besøg og svare på dine spørgsmål. Især fordi folk nu bruger mindre tid på gallerier og køber mere over nettet. Det er da langt værre, at der ikke kommer nogen.”

Euroman – Kunst Guide Peter Ibsen

En nybegynders guide: Sådan kommer du i gang med at købe kunst – Euroman


Værk Magazine

Peter Ibsen Kunstsamler Rum Article VÆRK
Peter Ibsen Kunstsamler Rum Article VÆRK

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Code art fair – Copenhagen

Curators CODE Art Fair

CODE is a new, ambitious art fair located in Copenhagen, one of the world’s most vibrant and forward-looking capitals. Our mission is to discover and showcase some of the best contemporary art – not only from Scandinavia – but from around the world.

Mikkel Carl:
Mikkel Carl is an artist, writer and freelance curator. He is a member of the estemed Danish Arts Foundation’s Committee of Visual Arts Grants Funding and on the Advisory Board for The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts. Take a look at Mikkel’s arts.
Peter Ibsen:
Peter Ibsen is a passionate collector of contemporary art. He writes a well-regarded blog called “Copenhagen Contemporary Art” and is an influential presence on Instagram.
Christina Wilson:
Former gallerist turned art advisor, Christina Wilson is the name to know amongst serious art collectors in Denmark and the rest of Scandinavia. Her in-depth knowledge of the Scandinavian contemporary art market is second to none.
Claus Risvig:
Claus Risvig is one of Denmark’s foremost art collectors. A member of the exclusive Danish Collectors Society, his Bech Risvig Collection focuses mainly on minimal and conceptual art by emerging contemporary artists.
Ryan E. Steadman:
Ryan E. Steadman is a Brooklyn-based artist, writer, and curator. His work has been widely exhibited throughout the United States and Europe . He is a frequent contributor to The Observer, and Modern Painters as well as a curatorial advisor to the UNTITLED Art Fair in Miami Beach
Ryan Wallace:
Ryan Wallace is a New York City-based multimedia artist and curator. His work has been widely exhibited in galleries, museums and institutions across North America and Europe.

Danish Collector on Why Switching His Entire Collection Focus

Having created the art blog, Copenhagen Contemporary to interview various intriguing artists, Peter Ibsen is also the curator of an art fair that will take place this summer in Copenhagen – the CODE Art Fair. Peter Ibsen has been collecting contemporary art for more than 20 years. Drawn by the tremendous attraction that he finds in monochrome and minimalistic paintings, he started selling off his entire collection around ten years ago and focuses on these genres since then.

Danish Collector on Why Switching His Entire Collection Focus | Larry’s List – Art Collector Interviews

Larrys List

Slow motion and “less is more” – Q&A with Danish art collector Peter Ibsen

Interview at with Peter Ibsen

Peter Ibsen began to collect art in 1995, when a painting in the window of an art gallery caught his attention. Although the painting in question was already sold, Ibsen found out who the artist was, and as simply as that, he has been intimately linked with art ever since. In his first decade of collecting, Ibsen focused on colorful figurative painting. This lasted until he came upon the masterful black and white works of the German minimalist painter, Gregor Hildebrandt. Ibsen’s conversion was so strong that he sold almost all of his color paintings, and now his collection is mainly based on abstract, minimalist works, with most everything done in shades of black, white and gray >>

Read the full Interview here >>

Link to PDF – Baltic, Russian and Scandinavian Art Territory

Kunstsamler Peter Ibsen – Link to Article in

Baku Magazine about Copenhagen art scene.

Key Players.


In this famed land of equality, there’s a community of contributors helping to evolve the art scene. Artists such as Olafur Eliasson, who enchanted New York with his waterfalls, and painter/sculptor Per Kirkeby, whose reputation was elevated by his 2009 Tate Modern exhibition, are putting Danish art in the headlines. Peter Ibsen, known for his tightly curated collection of black-and-white minimal artworks, is also the man behind the well-read websites and

Ibsen has also opened Sunday Gallery as a brick-and-mortar space as well as joining Mikkel Carl in curating the new CODE art fair. Christian Andersen is a leader in producing consistently challenging shows, which he does at his namesake gallery, as well as offering a strong stable of established Danish and German artists at his second space, Andersen’s Contemporary. Lastly, and not to be underestimated, is the effect of the Danish Arts Foundation. Among the top public funders per capita in the world, it earmarked 80 million kroner in 2015 for working grants to artists. That is out of a funding budget of 500 million kroner spent on programmes to artists, institutions and other cultural agents.