Q&A with artists

Daniel Levine

Daniel Levine – Q&A with New York Artist Daniel Levine

Q&A With New York Artist Daniel Levine Q: Tell me about your background? I was born and raised in New York City, where I still live, and my studio is in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. My parents were progressive, and always supported my career path; in fact, my mother was a serious painter who went to Black […]


Q&A – With Thomas Øvlisen

Q&A – Questions for Thomas Øvlisen Q: Tell me about your background?  I grew up in a conservative high brow cultural family. Ran in the other direction as a teen. Ended up in art school. And stuck with it. Q: Do you remember the first artwork you made, and can you tell me about it. Can […]

Chris Dorland 6

Chris Dorland – Q&A With Chris Dorland

Q&A with Artist Chris Dorland Q: Tell me about your background? I grew up in Montreal. My parents are both academics with counter-cultural roots. My dad was a novelist and a journalist before getting into cultural studies. My mom works in gender studies and philosophy. My upbringing was very urban. I grew up right downtown. You know the […]

Connor McNicholas Berthold-Pott

Q&A With Connor McNicholas

Q&A With Connor McNicholas from New York Q: What Can you tell me about your background? I grew up in New Jersey, about twenty minutes outside of New York City. My parents had a sailboat that they lived on before I was born. When I was young we would drive down the highway on weekends in the […]

manor grunewald large

Q&A With Belgian artist Manor Grunewald

Q&A With Manor Grunewald Q: What Can you tell me about your background? I grew up in Ghent Belgium were i still live. The city is perfect for me as it is not to big and relaxed to stay focussed on the work. I spend some time in NY and other big city’s abroad but […]

Stefan Müller & Gregor Hildebrandt

Stefan Müller – German Artist Stefan Muller

Stefan Müller Using a minimalist approach, Stefan Müller explores the depths of his paintings, though he often considers them finished at a very early point. The tiniest marks, seemingly random, sometimes suffice. Stefan Müller work in a space bordered by abstraction, appropriation and a kind of deskilled approach to craft or handwork. A punk rock […]


Q&A – Karl T. Sandegaard

Q&A – Questions for Karl T. Sandegaard Q: Can you tell me about your background? I grew up on a small island in the southeastern part of Denmark, called Møn. It was a free-spirited and playful upbringing. Building caves and devising weapons of all kinds filled my days. An independent sense of self-sufficiency was already […]

Untitled (ultramarine blue, burnt umber, cerulean blue deep) 5x7 inches each acrylic and gesso on canvas (4 parts)2015 full photo Anders Sune Berg

Matthew Feyld Q&A with Matthew Feyld

Q&A – Questions for Matthew Feyld Q: Can you tell me about your background I grew up in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. I started drawing and painting at an early age. I moved to Montreal five years ago. Now I split my time between Montreal, and New York. Q: What was the first artwork you made? What […]


Madeleine Boschan – Q&A With German Artist Madeleine Boschan

Q&A with Madeleine Boschan Can you tell me a little about yourself? What was the first artwork you ever made? Funny, you’re asking. Just the other day I was browsing an old family album and, to all appearances, I was seven and loved to cut out paper-furniture. And as I remember now, my playroom was […]

Max frintrop (DustinHoffmann)260x180cm2015Raum.e.V

Max Frintrop – Q&A With Max Frintrop

Interview and Q&A with Max Frintrop Q: Can you tell me about your background? Together with my three siblings, I grew up happily – and happily untended – in my parents’ restaurant on the outskirts of a small town, which was characterized by the coal and steel industries. Q: What was the first artwork you made? […]

3.HWS - 3

All about art – 33 Artist in 2014 !!

What a great year Contemporary Art – 2014 has been. An amazing year full of new discoveries and exciting works. Thanks to all the amazing and talented artists for the very personal answers to the Q&A´s.  Please enjoy the re-run of the Artists featured in 2014. January 2014 Ayan Farah – Pure process and visually […]



Q&A – Steve Morito Nishimoto Q: Can you tell us about your background? I was born and raised in Chicago, a fourth-generation Japanese-American. My family were, in essence, culturally assimilated Americans. We didn’t even speak the language, but I was exposed early on to certain aspects of Japanese culture. I sometimes wonder if this unconsciously […]

samuel levi jones close up hematoma 1

Q&A With Samuel Levi Jones

Q&A – Samuel Levi Jones Q: Can you tell us about your background? I was born in 1978. I grew up in the small Midwest town of Marion, Indiana. I would describe the town mostly as a blue-collar working class town. I grew up with three older brothers and my father worked and retired from […]


Group Show / Copenhagen 2014



Samuel Levi Jones

Samuel Levi Jones – Disposing Histories Samuel Levi Jones has disassembled objects to metaphorically deconstruct the accepted beliefs connected with them. Expanding on earlier work, Jones collected encyclopedias as well as medical reference books during his residency, removing their covers and reassembling the skin-like material into formal grids. As two-dimensional works for the wall, the pieces […]

Ayan Farah

Ayan Farah – Q&A

Q&A With Artist Ayan Farah Q: Can you tell me about your background? A: I grew up in many different places and call nowhere home but Stockholm, Sweden and Copenhagen, Denmark is where my family is. Q: What was the first artwork you made? A: Super 8 films from around the age of 7-8 and some […]

2 How2Paint (Baptiste Caccia small)

Baptiste Caccia Q&A

Baptiste Caccia – Q&A Baptiste Caccia’s practice is centred on the reproduction and over-saturation of image. Through a series of repeated screen prints he floods the canvas with the reiteration of an image, each time making adjustments and adding gestural painterly elements. Caccia collects his original images from photographs taken of objects which have been unintentionally […]

Anja S London

Q&A Anja Schwörer

German arist – Anja Schwörer The works, the process and the final outcome evokes for me a very special feeling. Anja´s works might seem equal and similar to what we have all seen the latest 2-3 years from many other well known artists. But she has been making these works long time before, we have become familiar […]

Augustus Nazzaro Installation

Augustus Nazzaro – Q&A

Augustus Nazzaro – Q&A With Artist Q: Can you tell me about your background? I was born and raised in East Islip, Long Island a suburb of New York City. Despite the proximity to the city I had very little exposure to the arts in general growing up. My father is an architect and my […]

Kadar Brock Studio

Kadar Brock – Q&A

Q&A with New York Artist Kadar Brock 1: Can you tell me about your background? And what was the first artwork you made? Well, it’s nothing too too exciting. I’m a semi-native New Yorker. I grew up in the suburbs, and then attended Cooper Union (R.I.P.) in the city. My folks split when I was […]

Tove Storch1

Questions for Tove Storch

6 – Questions for Tove Storch 1: Can you tell me about your background? And what was the first artwork you made? I drew as a child, on everything, all the time. As I grew older it slowly changed into something you could call making art. I remember the first thing I did where I […]

luke diiorio

Luke Diiorio Q&A

Luke Diiorio – Q&A – 6 Questions for Luke Diiorio 1: Can you tell me about your background? – On sundays my father would take me and my four older brothers on drives to visit various farms around the region. he did not know the farmers or land owners, but he showed us around nonetheless. 2: […]

Luke Diiorio

Group Show in Copenhagen – Emerging Artists – 2014

Group Show – Emerging artists – Copenhagen 2014 Opening Friday, August 29 from 16:00 – Late – @ Holbergsgade 10 – 1057 Copenhagen. New works by Vuk Cuk, Luke Diioro, Bailey Hikawa, Dean Levin, Nicholas Pilato and Antoine Puisais. In Copenhagen. Dean Levin, from South Africa, is currently based in Brooklyn.  Nicholas Pilato, young Brooklyn-based artist who paints with […]

Andre Butzer

Andre Butzer – Q&A

Questions for André Butzer  1: Can you tell me about your background? And what was the first artwork you made? I MADE A PAINTING IN 1994 DURING MY TIME AS A CIVIL SERVANT IN A HAMBURG HOSPITAL AFTER I HAD SEEN “THE GREEN BALLET” BY ASGER JORN IN THE MUSEUM THERE. YEARS LATER I CAN […]

alberto T 2

Alberto Tadiello – Q&A

Q&A With Alberto Tadiello Can you tell me about your background? And what was the first artwork you made? Alberto Tadiello. –  I think it’s the same background of my generation’s one. It’s made of school, catechism, family, summer jobs, music lessons, a few mountain walks on Sundays, etc. When I was five, I drew […]

1_Jan Kaps_Installation_Peppi_Bottrop_0010

Peppi Bottrop – Q&A

Q&A with PEPPI BOTTROP Can you tell me about your Background? and what was the first artwork you made? – I grew up in the industrial part of western Germany, same city where Josef Albers grew up. Ohh..I really hate this guy! I can’t remember my first artwork, but I remember what happened very well. […]

Jessica Sanders Crumple A18 and A19

Jessica Sanders

Jessica Sanders “I’m interested in the relationships between materials – Building up, breaking down, yielding, consenting, push back, loss and gain. That intertwines process and materiality, looking for moments of shift. So yes, it looks at a things relative ability or inability to transform, but my end goal isn’t to free it from being a […]


Giorgio Griffa

Giorgio Griffa While Giorgio Griffa´s work has been overlooked for several decades, Griffa exhibited at Sonnabend gallery in New York in 1970 and participated in important international exhibitions such as Prospekt, Dusseldorf (1969 and 1974) and the Venice Biennale (1978 and 1980). Other important early exhibitions include Processes of Visualized Thought: Young Italian Avant-garde, Kunstmuseum Luzern (1970) and A […]

5.HWS - 5

Ryan Estep – 2014 Solo Show

Ryan Estep – Solo Show June 2014 Dirt is taken, mixed with an organic disinfectant and heated to 600 degrees.  This sterile material is then silkscreened onto canvas and re-stretched while wet. With a systematic set of rules and premeditated actions, Estep follows a ritual of sorts, starting with the creation of a monochromatic surface […]

Alfredo 150818_KG_Plakat_web

Q&A with Alfredo Aceto

Q&A with Alfredo Aceto Link >>> Kunsthausglarus “ambarabaciccicoccò” (detail) 2012, ink on paper courtesy Galerie Bugada & Cargnel, Paris   “iii-ooo”, stolen conferencie at ECAL (Switzerland) 2012 courtesy Galerie Bugada & Cargnel, Paris   “The Arcades Project”, installation view 2013 courtesy Galerie Bugada & Cargnel, Paris   “The Arcades Project”, installation view 2013 courtesy Galerie […]

Dean Levin Surface Stains

Dean Levin

Dean Levin Dean Levin born in Johannesburg, and raised in Los Angeles, holds a BARCH from Pratt Institute. In school Levin studied architecture, and subsequently worked for a firm, where at one point he designed tile samples, and his work often deals with quintessentially architectural problems such as how we interact with space and form. […]

alex da corte

Q&A with Alex Da Corte

Q&A with Alex Da Corte 1: Can you tell me about your background? And what was the first artwork you made ? I was born in Camden, New Jersey and grew up in Caracas, Venezuela. I studied animation in college. The first artwork I made in college was a birthday cake made of plaster. 2: […]

Alberto Tadiello sandpaper

Alberto Tadiello – Sandpaper Works

Alberto Tadiello – Sandpaper works Text from interview – Sonic Sculptures From A Construction Worker Turned Artist “Alberto is a bit of an enigma. “I don’t have a design background–not at all,” he tells Co.Design. “I have a background as a mountain climber and as a construction worker.” Despite the subtle subterfuge surrounding his creative pedigree, he […]

Wes Noble 2014

Wes Noble Updated 2014 – New York Artist

Wes Noble – New York Artist The interest for the secretive Wes Noble has been growing since the first Solo show in 2013 – Link to the First Solo  >>>. There are many solo and group shows lined up for 2014. And one of the shows opening May 15 2014 shows some large scaled works. […]

Steven Cox

Q&A With Steven Cox

Steven Cox  1. Can you tell me about your background? Sure, I was born in Aberdeen in 1986. Since then I have grown considerably. I have always drawn and painted since a young age, though I attended Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art at the age of 17 and graduated in painting at Duncan of […]

Martin aagaard hansen wide

Q&A – Martin Aagaard Hansen

Q&A with Martin Aagaard Hansen 1: Can you tell me about your background? I was born in Odense in 1988, happy childhood, worked odd jobs trying to keep student counselors of my back. started making paintings at 17 in the cellar of my old apartment. then i was accepted at the royal danish academy of […]

ping andnow 201401 lores

Q&A With Eli Ping – New York Artist

Q & A With Eli Ping 6 Questions for Eli Ping 1: Can you tell me about your background? My parents were hippies and raised my siblings and I in the inner city of Chicago. I studied political theory before focusing on art. 2: How do choose the material ? Materials follow from an idea […]

Luca Vitone

Luca Vitone

Luca Vitone – Italian artist !! I just love the process, idea, concept and visual aspects of this amazing Italian Artist – and the fact that he has been making these wonderful minimalistic, monochrome works by collecting dirt from locations a long time before all others !!!. The artwork of Luca Vitone (1964), began in the […]


Q&A With Asger Dybvad Larsen

Q&A Asger Dybvad Larsen 1: Can you tell me about your background? Grew up in Fjaltring, a little town in west jutland, straight up the North Sea. Most of my life I lived together with my two siblings and my mom and dad, both of them psychologists, which have given me a great interest in […]

Mikkel Carl

Q&A With Mikkel Carl

Q&A With Mikkel Carl 1: Can you tell me a little about your background? In my early teens I was obsessed with brands, so it was a really big thing to me when my uncle returning from Thailand brought back embroidered Lacoste-crocodiles in bulk. I had my mother sew one on to my home knit […]

Jennifer Guidi:Field Paintings Install 5

Jennifer Guidi – Artist from LA

Jennifer Guidi – Artist from LA Solo show at Nathalie Karg New York Jennifer Guidi born 1972, Los Angeles, CA lives and works in Los Angeles, CA EDUCATION 1998 MFA, The School of the Art Institute of Chicago, Chicago, IL 1994 BFA, Boston University, Boston, MA SOLO EXHIBITIONS 2006 The Sunshine Threw His Hat Away, […]

01 Thesis Installation

Q&A With Jesse Greenberg

Q&A With Jesse Greenberg 1: Can you tell me about your background? Grew up in New Jersey, And sincerely feel my experience as a child being driven around in a car through Jersey’s sprawling landscapes inspired me. Both my parents went to Pratt, My dad for Architecture, and my mom for printmaking. My sister is […]

Brian Belott-Car Battery Pink view detail

Brian Bellot

Brian Belott – New York Artist Belott’s practice encompasses a rich vocabulary of drawing, sound, paper collage and book making (a large collection of which are included in MOMA collection), sculpture, frozen sculpture, painting on glass, the list goes on. The life of Brian is in constant flow and he has built up several bodies […]

Grear Patterson

Q&A with Grear Patterson

Q&A – with Grear Patterson 1: Can you tell me a little bit about your background? 7 years old went to camp. – 9 got my first camera. – 11 left home alone for three weeks. – 14 lost virginity. – 15 got drunk. – 17 moved back to New York. – 19 pilots license. – 20 met the love of my […]


Q&A with Florian Meisenberg

FLORIAN MEISENBERG – Born 1980 in Berlin, lives and works in Dusseldorf and New York. – Edu – 2004 – 2010 Kunstakademie Düsseldorf (Peter Doig) Q & A – 6 Questions for Florian Meisenberg  Take your time.. watch it all.. give in !! 1: Can you tell me about your background? – YES Click here 2: Can you tell me about the […]

andre butzer 4

André Butzer

André Butzer – 2014 The N-paintings seem to lack “color” but the often thinly painted black and white forms are not monochromes. André Butzer is a colorist, “I will always be a colourist and nothing else” and the color choice of black and white is the result of the inclusion, or acceptance, of all existing […]


Landon Metz – 2014

Landon Metz  Landon Metz (born 1985) is a multi-disciplinary artist whose work has been widely exhibited both domestically and abroad, including last year’s Venice Biennale. His monographs include ‘Painter Painting Surface,’ published by Vimmerby Rinkeby in 2012, and an as-yet-untitled volume to be published by Libraryman Press in spring 2014. He lives and works in […]

Ryan Estep Re stretched

Ryan Estep / Updated Post – 2014

Ryan Estep / Updated / Process Different Types of paintings : lidocaine, Re-stretching, Cast Paintings, Clean Paintings, Sterilized Dirt, Sand. Post from 2013 >>> Click Here lidocaine – A lidocaine base and black pigment trace the stretcher bars of the canvas.  While wet the work is un-stretched and re-stretched, each break in the line causes a hint and cascading effect of the […]


Bas van den Hurk

Bas van den Hurk Opening March 21st – @ Rod Barton, London Having a background in Fine Arts and a University degree in Philosophy, I’m influenced by both. In my work I combine sources. Ranging from fashion designer Sonia Delaunay, with her beautiful colors and patterns, to contemporary theorist David Joselit with his idea that […]


Robert Blumenthal Gallery – Opening March 20th – 2014

Robert Blumenthal Gallery – New York  – Again a great show curated by Ryan Steadman opening March 20th. Ain’tings – March 20th – April 26th – Curated by Ryan Steadman Check out the list of artists  – Post will be updated with better pictures later !! Chris Duncan Ryan Estep Ryan Wallace Lauren Luloff Lauren Luloff Sarah […]

3 jens einhorn

Jens Einhorn

Jens Einhorn  Jens Einhorn was born in Leisnig, former east Germany, in 1980 and currently lives and works in Düsseldorf. He is master student of Tal R and will graduate from Düsseldorf Art Academy in summer 2014.   “I am strongly influenced by the subculture of the 90s in former GDR, shaped by all its […]

Sergej Jensen Untitled (Grey plastic scar) 2013

Sergej Jensen – Solo Show – Opening in Copenhagen Feb. 28 – 2014

Sergej Jensen – New Solo show in Copenhagen 2014 A Solo show by the Danish artist Sergej Jensen is  opening on February 28 – 2014. Sergej Jensen (born in 1973 in Maglegaard) has brought five big canvases for his exhibition at Avlskarl Gallery in Copenhagen. Jensen is internationally known for his fragile handling with the arts. […]

Blumenthal Install 2

Robert Blumenthal Gallery – Opening Feb 12 – 2014 !!!!!

If there is one Group show I really would want to see this year in New York… February 12 – 2014 it has to be the brand new gallery opening of Robert Blumenthal opening tonight with a wish list of artists… more to come.. stay tuned… NEW Install Photos from the Show.. New works by […]

Anja Schwoerer

Anja Schwörer / New works and solo in Cologne January 2014

Anja Schwörer – Berlin Based Artist Anja Schwörer has in many ways been an inspiration and source of reference for many of the “younger” artist today. Anja´s process is quite interesting, and visually her works are just above amazing. Utilizing bleach as her medium, similar to how light is used in a photographic process, the […]


Ayan Farah – Upcoming Shows 2014

Ayan Farah – Pure process and visually amazing works ! Farah´s work is often not painted at all, instead undergoing an elaborate process of digging down, dying and sun bleaching. Farah obtains the physical and tactile records of natural phenomena as a part of her artistic practice. The artist travels to carefully selected locations scattered […]


Group Show – Paris JAN 11. 2014 – Galerie Jeanroch Dard

Great group show opening tonight Jan 11 2014 in Paris at Galerie Jeanroch Dard.  Fantastic group of minimalistic works, pure process and interesting young artists. 2 new works by Wes Noble, Samuel Francois, Jack Greer, John Roebas and many other fantastic artists. CE QUI ARRÊTAIT CES DAMES SAMUEL FRANÇOIS, JACK GREER, OLIVIER KOSTA-THÉFAINE, PIOTR LAKOMY, […]


Sam Moyer – Blanket Works 2008-2009

Sam Moyer – Blanket Works  When considering works by Sam Moyer, one typically thinks of her works from 2010 and up to 2013.  There are how ever some works from the period 2008-2009 that are also very interesting.   Sam started making the moving blanket works in 2008 and has continued revisiting the material throughout […]

Alex Da Corte

Alex Da Corte

Alex Da Corte Alex Da Corte was born in Camden, N.J., in 1981 and currently lives and works in Philadelphia. He received his BFA from the University of the Arts and his MFA from Yale University in 2010. Da Corte has recently mounted solo shows and presentations at the Institute of Contemporary Art, Philadelphia; Artspeak, […]

Chris Duncan 3

Chris Duncan

Chris Duncan Light is a major theme of Chris’ work as is inventive use of materials. Chris’ tape layers obscure their under painting and fragment and skew the light that is reflected and refracted. These 2 pieces are made with layer upon layer of strapping tape, that Chris has removed the adhesive from and re-glued […]

Wes Noble - US Artist from New York

Wes Noble – New York artist Wes Noble Solo Show 2013

Wes Noble – Solo Show in Copenhagen 2013 US Artist from New York – Wes Noble An exhibition by Wes Noble in The Depot OPENING: FRIDAY NOVEMBER 29. 2013. TIME: 17.00 – 22.00  EXHIBITION PERIOD NOVEMBER 30 – JANUARY 11. 2013. A smiley or smiley-face emoticon (sometimes simply called a happy or smiling face) is […]


Ryan Estep

Ryan Estep “With a systematic set of rules and premeditated actions, Estep follows a ritual of sorts, starting with the creation of a monochromatic surface in the tradition of post-minimalism, and finishing the process with the addition of gestural marks. The marks are usually the result of an intentional accident, following an action planned by […]


Ethan Cook – Landon Metz – Thomas Øvlisen at V1 Gallery

Ethan Cook – Landon Metz – Thomas Øvlisen at V1 Gallery  – One of the most awaited group shows in Copenhagen at V1-Gallery  with Ethan Cook, Landon Metz and Thomas Øvlisen. OPENING: FRIDAY NOVEMBER 29. 2013. TIME: 17.00 – 22.00 Grazing Blitz by Thomas Øvlisen, Shake Shack Guggenheim by Ethan Cook & Landon Metz and […]


Graham Collins

Graham Collins – New York ARTIST PROFILE  Graham Collins (b. 1980, Washington, USA), received his BFA from The Corcoran School of Art and an MFA from Bard College. Collins’ artwork routinely incorporates a wide range of disciplines, including painting, sculpture, ceramics, woodworking, and architectural intervention. Collins currently lives and works in Brooklyn, USA. The tinted […]

andre butzer N Bilder

Andre Butzer – Upcoming Show in New York 2013

Andre Butzer – Upcoming Show – New York 2013 At Metro Pictures, Chelsea – New York, NY, USA , October 12, 2013 “The new N Bilder paintings by André Butzer are chromatic horizontal and vertical variations of one another, with nuances subtly differentiated by obfuscated color gradations. Each painting is an ornamental matrix, a materialized […]

Sam Moyer Breaker 01

Sam Moyer – Openings in 2013 – Brussels

Sam Moyer – Openings in 2013 – Brussels Sam Moyer will be in a group show in Brussels in November 2013 at Galerie Rodolphe Janssen. “In her new body of work titled Breakers II, Sam Moyer works in a very sculptural physical way by overlapping painted glass and dyed canvas, combining abstraction and readymade while […]

Juergen Krausse


JÜRGEN KRAUSE Juergens work is about seriality, a metaphore for time, processing. Jürgen Krause, Grundierungen.   “I apply numerous layers of primer to both sides of the wood or paper.  I have to prime my paper before I can start to paint”. But he never paints – he just overdoes the preparing until it gets its own […]

kadar brock at Chart Copenhagen 2013

Kadar Brock Artist from New York – Openings in 2013

Kadar Brock Solo Show at The Hole NYC in 2013 Link to artist page at the hole  – Kadar Brock In what are his most well-known type of paintings—the sanded, scraped and distressed works that are often heavily perforated stretched canvasses—Brock originated his approach to breaking down and rebuilding older artworks. Taking paintings from almost […]


Gregor Hildebrandt – Upcoming Shows in 2013 – 2014

Gregor Hildebrandt – Upcoming Shows in 2013 – 2014 Forthcoming exhibitions include a group show participation at Gagosian Gallery London and a solo exhibition at Galerie Emmanuel Perrotin in New York in early 2014. Gregor Hildebrandt had institutional solo exhibitions at Museum van Bommel van Dam, the Berlinische Galerie and Contemporary Art Museum St. Louis. […]

ethan 9

Ethan Cook Upcoming Shows 2013

There are some interesting Ethan Cook shows coming up in September and November 2013 Rodbarton – London Ethan Cook 1st November – 7th December, 2013 Rod Barton, London EC1 Private View: Friday 1st November, 6:00 – 9:00pm   CHART FAIR – COPENHAGEN August 30 – 2013 V 1- Copenhagen Ethan Cook & Landon Metz – […]

Israel Lund - Daniel Buren

Israel Lund Show in Brussels 2013

Israel Lund will have 2 shows in Brussels this summer 2013 New paintings by Israel Lund – Daniel Buren Now Lund inserts a new layer: a surprisingly clear reference to Daniel Buren’s signature work. Indeed, the image comes from an actual Buren piece photographed in a gallery, then stripped to its most essential. Yet, it bears the trace […]

ethan cook in London

Ethan Cook

Ethan Cook – Very interesting Artist from New York More about his work and process  – ESSENTIAL UNIFIED PROCESS: On Ethan Cook’s Woven Paintings “With his most recent body of work – a series of sparse abstract paintings composed entirely of self-produced canvas – New York-based artist Ethan Cook makes a strong contribution to this tradition. […]

Landon Metz

Landon Metz – Copenhagen 2013

Landon Metz – One of the more silent and simple works by Landon Metz arrived in Copenhagen today – The grey N-Bilder by Andre Butzer above, and An orange / Blue Work By Sergej Jensen left to Landon. The Yellow work is Sergej Jensen from 1997.

israel lund

Israel Lund at Roberts & Tilton

Israel Lund at Roberts & Tilton Link: R&T

Gregor Hildebrandt

Gregor Hildebrandt 2013

Gregor Hildebrandt – Almine Rech 2013

Sam Moyer Breakers 7

Sam Moyer – New York 2013

Sam moyer New York 2013 Link to Halsey Mckay group show “Sam Moyer is painting the back of sheets of glass with a special glass paint. The Canvas pieces, like those from her paintings, are placed behind this scrim of glass. That is then backed with Plexiglas for strength and an additional layer of depth.”