Can you tell me about your Background? and what was the first artwork you made?

– I grew up in the industrial part of western Germany, same city where Josef Albers grew up. Ohh..I really hate this guy!
I can’t remember my first artwork, but I remember what happened very well. It was the most difficult what I had done up to that point and it made me forget everything around me, nevertheless it was also the easiest and most natural thing that I got to know up to that point.

What is more important to you regarding your work: the process. the visual outcome, the material – or something else?

– All of it. At first I think about the material. It is the first reference to the emerging image. After that it is important to me to completely lose myself in the process up to the point where I exit the image. A stroke is a stroke. What you see is what you get.

Some paintings are framed others are stapled directly to the wall – why?

-I believe thats its quiet important to point out that the first thing I have in my mind is space and architecture. A room is always the carrier and everything else should be a carrier for the new painting as well. Sometimes its better to frame pictures to have them communicate with the viewer more easily. Sometimes its better to staple them directly to the wall…I guess people would explain it as a site specific way of painting it start when you investigating the surface of an image more intensively.

What is the thoughest part of being an Artist?

-Sitting in a restaurant, sipping red wine, looking down on my dirty clothes, really dont know how to handle all the Girls.

What influences you – can you tell more about that?

– Girls – No.

Can you let us in on some of the future Projects, work?

Developing a few new series..thought about painting jet-lagged, ah..there will be a groupshow at Michael Thibault in L.A. and a soloshow at Quadrat museum, Bottrop.

Solo Show at: Jan Kaps – Gallery – Cologne

1_Jan Kaps_Installation_Peppi_Bottrop_0010 2_Jan Kaps_Installation_Peppi_Bottrop_0004 3_Jan Kaps_Installation_Peppi_Bottrop_0002 4_Jan Kaps_Repro_Peppi_Bottrop_0001 5_Jan Kaps_Repro_Peppi_Bottrop_0002 6_Jan Kaps_Repro_Peppi_Bottrop_0003 7_Jan Kaps_Repro_Peppi_Bottrop_0007


Peppi Bottrop_Flush Mounted(3) Peppi Bottrop_Home sweet home Peppi Bottrop_Home Sweet Home(3) Peppi Bottrop_Untitled1 Peppi Bottrop_Untitled2


Peppi Bottrop:



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