Giorgio Griffa

While Giorgio Griffa´s work has been overlooked for several decades, Griffa exhibited at Sonnabend gallery in New York in 1970 and participated in important international exhibitions such as Prospekt, Dusseldorf (1969 and 1974) and the Venice Biennale (1978 and 1980).

Other important early exhibitions include Processes of Visualized Thought: Young Italian Avant-garde, Kunstmuseum Luzern (1970) and A Painting Exhibition of Painters who Place Painting in Question, curated by Michel Claura, Stadtische Museum, Monchengladbach (1973).

Giorgio Griffa´s work is informed by his idea that painting is an infinite action that is never finished, only to be activated for a brief moment in the space of the canvas, resulting in the deliberate end points that define his compositions. All of his works a painted on unstretched canvas, burlap and linen and nailed to the wall along the top edge.

When not exhibited, the works are folded and stacked, resulting in their underlying grid structure.

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griffa griffa 1 griffa 3 griffa 4 griffa 5

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GG_macchie_lrg GG_policromo_lrg

Giorgio Griffa 48x48cm

griffa 2Griffa Portrait



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