Q & A With Eli Ping

6 Questions for Eli Ping

1: Can you tell me about your background?

My parents were hippies and raised my siblings and I in the inner city of Chicago. I studied political theory before focusing on art.

2: How do choose the material ?

Materials follow from an idea or theme. 

3: What is the Idea / concept behind your art?

I’m interested in how objects function as phenomena – in how form might be a record of becoming and how that process continues with the viewer.

4: What is the worst thing about being an artist? 

I don’t regard the challenges that an artist encounters as extraordinary. 

5: Collectors – Gallerist – ”art investors” – Good, bad or …?

Its reductive to think of the art market in terms of outcomes. The market is a process that enables and encompasses diverse objects, relationships, and experiences. However, many potentialities aren’t expression in the market, or rather, they are expressed negatively – through their exclusion. 

6: What would you ask an artist in a Q&A ? and Who ??

There are many artists whose work I admire, but I don’t want to ask them anything.

composite1a composite2a IMG_4084ping andnow 201404 lores ping andnow 201405 lores

Composite (New Synthetics) – 2014 – 48 x 72 inches

Heat polished hydroponic film

Link to Artist Page >>>

Link to Gallery current show at >> twentyfourseventhreesixtyfive

tarp painting 2012 Eli Ping Eli Ping

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